ALERT: The Splash Pad will be closed on May 23 from 9:30 am - 11 am for a press conference.
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Park Features

The 4-acre park in the heart of downtown Midland, Texas, offers features and amenities for recreation, inspiration, and relaxation from everyday life's everyday hustle and bustle. General Park hours are from 8:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m. year-round.
The beautiful tree and shrub-lined North Promenade is located alongside Texas Avenue and includes 11 silver and flambe orange café-style tables and chairs that accommodate seating for up to 44 people, perfect for picnics and small gatherings. It is in close proximity to the Dog Parks, Restrooms, and Splash Pad. The North Promenade has beautiful overhead string lighting and can be used as a multipurpose festival space. The Festival Space on the North Promenade has anchors that can secure 11 – 10'x10' park tents. There are electric plugs at each tree for convenient access to electricity during events.

Groomed weekly and just under the size of a football field, the Great Lawn is an impressive lawn with 34,500 square feet of lush, soft, seasonally green TifTuf™ hybrid bermudagrass spanning from the Stage Pavilion to the Mesa. The Great Lawn was designed to accommodate a variety of interests for groups and individuals, such as relaxation, outdoor finesses classes that are free to the public, lawn picnics, and much more. It boasts a remarkable amount of entertainment seating space, allowing park visitors to spread out on lawn chairs and blankets while enjoying activities such as live music and movies. Centennial Park actively implements keeping animals off the grass to keep it clean, green, and safe for children and adults to enjoy.
The beautiful tree-lined South Promenade is located alongside Wall Street and includes 22 flambe orange café-style tables and chairs that accommodate seating for up to 88 people. It is adorned with overhead string lighting that glows in the evening for a lively atmosphere and safety. This area of the park is an excellent multi-use space for festivals with park tents, picnics, and parties. The Festival Space on the South Promenade has anchors that can secure 27 - 10'x10' park tents. There are electric plugs at each tree for convenient access to electricity during events.
The airy 26-foot-tall Stage Pavilion is a flexible architectural open space that invites visitors to come in and spend time under its shade. The Stage Pavillion has six overhead speakers that provide background music and theatrical stage lighting. Visitors are encouraged to enjoy the book and activity carts in this area.

The Stage Pavilion is also an ideal place for private events and concerts. The space has sliding mesh panels that can close the area's west side off and serve as a privacy screen to create a more intimate setting for private events.

If you are hosting a concert, Centennial Park has a rentable stage. The stage height is adjustable and can raise to 32", 40", or 48" tall. The minimum stage size is 24' W X 8' D, and the maximum is 40' W X 32' D.

The unique interactive water feature is located just off the Great Lawn near the Concession Kiosk. The Splash Pad has 50 jets, was specially designed for Centennial Park, and is the only one of its kind. It functions as an interactive water feature by day and a lighted dancing fountain by night. The Splash Pad has a 10,000-gallon tank that continuously treats and sanitizes the water with the aid of the cleaning agent chlorine and a UV light that kills bacteria. The chemical levels are inspected daily by certified pool operators for safety. The Splash Pad's windmeter keeps the water feature environmentally friendly. It will automatically shut off the water jets if the wind sustains a speed of 12 miles per hour or over. This allows Centennial Park to recapture and reuse 90% of the water that goes into the air. The Splash Pad's daily hours are 10:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. March 1st - December 31st, weather permitting. The Splash Pad is turned on by using the start button as long as the temperature is above 50°F.

The shaded Concession Kiosk located in the northeast corner of the park in excellent proximity to the Splash Pad and Restrooms. This popular space offers 12 silver café-style tables and chairs to accommodate relaxing seating for up to 48 people. The architecture of the structure complements nature with dark wood ceiling accents. The area also has a pleasant industrial flair, two large metal fans, and steel sliding doors enclosing the concession building's windows. The Concession Kiosk has a fantastic view of the nearby Splash Pad to one side and of the natural plant life parallel to the area on the other side. The south side of the Concession Building accommodates the Donor Wall listing the significant contributors who donated the funds to construct and bring the vision of Centennial Park to fruition.

Water runoff from the Park's lawns, sidewalks, and rooftops is directed to water collection swales along Wall Street and Texas. The Park also captures the condensation from the rooftop air conditioning units from The Barbara & George H.W. Bush Convention Center. The water is naturally filtered by vegetation, saturates the soil, and recharges groundwater aquifers. Excess runoff is directed to sub-surface reservoirs and reused to supply the Park's water features and landscape irrigation. When the reservoir levels drop, outside water is supplemented to fulfill the Park's needs the next time water accumulates. This Water Recharge Station, also known as a rain garden, not only supports water conservation but also preserves the native vegetation and provides localized stormwater control for the surrounding area.
The Grove is a charming area between the Stage Pavilion and the Bush Convention Center. It is flanked on one side with seasonally blooming purple Russian Sage bushes. This space offers 16 flambe orange café-style tables and chairs to accommodate seating for up to 64 visitors to enjoy and 12 lovely Chinese Pistache trees with lantana-filled tree beds throughout The Grove's café-style seating area for up to 64 people. Like the Promenades, The Grove has overhead string lights that glow in the evening, creating an atmosphere unique to Centennial Park.

At the south end of The Grove, near the Water Recharge Station, park visitors can relax while sitting near the 36-foot-long water fountain, listening to the water trickle. This linear water feature brings an artistic and serene feel to The Grove. The fountain's rustic steel casing and rock bed complement the architecture of the entire park. The fountain is not only aesthetic beauty but is also environmentally friendly as it recirculates groundwater through a natural filtration process.
Located at the southwest corner of the park closest to Wall Street and Colorado Street, the Children's Nature Play area is for supervised children ages 5-12 and is fitted into a tree-shaded area that shields children from the surrounding streets. Park staff is devoted to providing a fun and safe experience for children. The area is thoroughly inspected daily by park staff members. The natural play feature creates a play environment that consists of elements and textures from the earth instead of a steel playground structure. The space includes a natural play feature handcrafted in Germany from certified wood from sustainably managed forests in Austria. The area has bench seating and is surrounded on three sides by stunning natural limestone steps leading up to The Mesa. It is recommended that adults use discretion of their children’s climbing and balance capabilities before allowing their children to freely play on the structure.

Located at the northwest corner of Centennial Park, adjacent to Texas St., this fenced environment is a space where dogs can safely play and socialize off-leash under the supervision of their owners. The Dog Park is divided by a vertical metal fence into two separate areas for large and small dogs. The large and small dog parks have water stations for people and dogs, convenient waste stations, cleaned daily, and sanitized weekly. The unique irrigation and drainage system allows the bald cypress trees inside The Dog Park to get water without flooding the crushed granite play areas for the dogs.

The Mesa is the highest point of Centennial Park. This hill has limestone blocks that ascend from the Children's Nature Play Area, the sidewalk on Colorado Street, and the North Promenade. The Granite blocks enhance the beauty on the face of The Mesa as well, acting as natural seating on the far sides. The Mesa is home to our signature Southern Live Oak tree from Belton, Texas, close to the hearts of many Midland natives and inspired the logo for Centennial Park. At the time of the tree planting on May 7, 2020, it was estimated to be between 20-25 years old, with a 30-foot canopy spread, standing 26 feet tall, with a 19-inch caliper (diameter of the tree trunk), and weighed approximately 75 thousand pounds; this estimate includes the soil, box, and pipes. The tree represents unity, strength, wisdom, and growth.
The triangular free-standing stone clock tower stands on the south side of Centennial Park along Wall Street. Each side of the tower has an atomic clock, the most accurate type of timepiece in the world. The timepiece is designed to measure time in the precise length of a second, the base of modern timekeeping.
Nestled at the end of the South Promenade are four stunning concrete game tables that each have a granite inlay game board for checkers and chess players. Pieces for these game boards can be found on the Centennial Park activity cart.

Renowned San Antonio artist Donna L. Dobberfuhl first designed and constructed the History Wall during the Midland Centennial Celebration of 1985. Donna used the art of brick and sculpture to display the history of Midland through carved representations dating back to the 1500s. During the construction of Centennial Park, Donna returned to Midland to install a recreated version of the History Wall in the spring of 2020.

The 20’x24’ LED screen towers 16 feet over the Park at its lowest point. It is viewable in the daytime as well as the night. It is perfect for displaying logos, live video feeds, and movies in the park. The bright display can be seen across the park. Centennial Park offers clients and businesses the option to rent advertising space on the video board.

The restroom buildings with drinking fountains are located on the north side of the Park. They are cleaned regularly throughout the day, seven days a week. Restrooms are open daily from 8:00 a.m to 8:00 p.m., unless otherwise posted. The planters around the buildings are adorned with plants and shrubs helping it to blend into the natural environment of the Park.

Centennial Park has four bicycle racks on Texas Street and Wall Street for visitors to lock up their bikes as they enjoy their time at Centennial Park.

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