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Photography, Videography & Drone Use Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in photography, videography, and drone use at Centennial Park. We are excited about the opportunity to work with you.

Please understand the below is how Centennial Park defines commercial vs. non-commercial (personal). The information and fees apply to photographers who are lending their service to a business for commercial promotion. This does not apply to photographers taking photos of clients to be used for that client's personal use. However, if you take photos of a client and then sell that client's photo to a magazine to promote your business that would be considered a commercial use. Please read the policy below.

Film, video, photo production companies, and drone pilots must adhere to the following guidelines when working within the Centennial Park premises and airspace. Please respect and protect the park, its visitors, structures, trees, plants, and grass. The primary purpose of the park is to serve the public. You must always follow the direction of park employees and contractors.

Drone Use. Drones are not permitted at Centennial Park without a permit specifically approved by the Executive Director. Drone permits may require space rental and will require a certificate of Commercial General Liability Coverage that meets Midland Downtown Park Conservancy Requirements. All Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) procedures, policies, and guidelines apply. Applications must be submitted and include licensed drone pilot information including commercial operators. Recreational Use of a drone is prohibited.

A permit is required:
  • When there is a commercial purpose for the photography and/or videography. For example, photographs that are sold for publication, feature or commercial film for which tickets are sold or video are to be used in corporate training films.
  • When the photography and/or videography requires exclusive use of an area in the park. For example, if you wish to have a wedding photograph taken in front of the fountain, and you do not want members of the general public to appear in the photograph. Please note permit fees for restricted use would be determined by the area requested, timeframe, and number of participants.
A permit does not authorize photography/videography of park patrons. Photographer/videographer MUST have written consent, prior to photographing or recording. Also, please note that any professional or amateur photographer must have the consent of the parent of a minor child, aged 14 or younger, prior to photographing the child.

Commercial Photography and Videography

Commercial photography and videography are defined as: being taken with the intention to sell or promote something.
  • Receiving compensation for taking pictures (money or barter).
  • Taking images for promotional purposes (such as advertising and marketing with commercial intent).
  • Photographers with accessories or approved props/equipment such as tripods, lights, reflector shields, tables, chairs, décor, or equipment more extensive than a single tripod) that are taking photos.
  • Filming or photography that will restrict any area of the park
Commercial Photography Examples:
Fashion Shoot
Architectural Photography
Food Photography
Environmental/ Landscape Portraits
Promotional Product Photography
Magazine/Book Photography
Images for Brochures
Lifestyle Photography for Brands
Business Website Photography
Journalism/Editorial Photography
Real Estate Photography
Commercial Videography Examples:
Corporate Video
Advertising Video
Feature Film/ Short Film
Music Video
YouTube Channel Show
Public Service Announcement
Testimonial Video
Educational Video
Product Demonstration Video
Product Comparison/Review Video
Destination/Travel Video

Non-Commercial Photography and Videography

Non-commercial photography and videography are defined as being intended for personal use.
• Not primarily intended for or directed towards commercial advantage.
• Amateur photographers/videographers who do not intend to sell their portraits.

Non-Commercial Photography & Videography Examples:
Baby/Child Portraits
Engagement Photography
Graduation Photography
Family Portraits
Wedding Photography
Group Photos
Personal Videos Taken at the Park
Student Projects
Quinceñera Photography
Class Portraits
Birthday Party Photography
Personal Photos Taken at the Park

Commercial Photography Requirements:

  • A map of Centennial Park indicating details of the shoot.
  • Recognition of Midland Downtown Park Conservancy and Centennial Park as a credit at the end of finished product.
  • A copy of the finished film/video on DVD, USB, or Dropbox for Centennial Park’s archives. Mail or hand deliver to Centennial Park, 201 W. Wall Street, Suite 200, Midland, TX 79701, or e-mail to info@centennialparkmidland.org.
  • If there are any changes or cancellations the Park staff must be informed via phone call or voice mail (432) 687-8200 or by e-mail info@centennialparkmidland.org.
  • Provide a security deposit to be held until after a post-shoot evaluation of the site. The damage deposit will be based on the location, size, and duration of the proposed use.
  • Must submit a detailed description of on-site activities including special effects, stunts, etc. for approval.
  • Must submit specify all equipment and props and-or props to be used, these are subject to needing approval from the Executive Director.
  • Must provide the Midland Downtown Park Conservancy proof of parental consent 10 business days prior to project date if minors are to be involved in the project.


  • An application MUST be submitted, and written permission granted from the Midland Downtown Park Conservancy’s Executive Director prior to using a drone within Centennial Park’s premises or airspace.
  • Drone operators must have a valid license to pilot a drone.
  • If an application to operate a drone at the Park is approved the permission is for a one-time occurrence and is non-transferable to a different pilot.
  • A drone is not to take off or land at any other site than is indicated in an approved application.
  • Prior to use of a drone at Centennial Park the applicant must ensure that the drone is in good and safe working order, and that the proper safety precautions, checks and tests have been taken, including the testing of all safety and warning lighting and devices.
  • The drone pilot shall ensure that the drone is operated safely and for legitimate purposes only and is not used for any purpose that is unsuitable for its technical or operational capabilities.
  • The pilot will ensure that the drone is not a nuisance to other Park visitors and will not cause a disturbance at Centennial Park.
  • Drones may not cause interference with the receipt or transmission of electronic communications within, to or from Centennial Park, and, if necessary, steps must be taken to prevent such interference; including, the suppression of electrical interference by the drone and the fitting of any temporary devices to preserve the quality of electronic reception to and from the Centennial Park premises and airspace.
  • A drone must be operated in full compliance with all applicable laws, regulation, and codes of practice.
  • The pilot shall wear high-visibility clothing clearly identifying him/her as the pilot of the drone; and shall always carry evidence that Centennial Park has given permission for the operation of the drone.
  • Centennial Park is not liable for negligence or breach of statutory duty, contract or otherwise, for any death, personal injury, or damage (to property or otherwise) caused by the drone or its operation.
  • The Midland Downtown Park Conservancy has the right at any time and for any reason to deny or terminate any application or permission granted to a drone applicant

Insurance Requirements:

  • Commercial General Liability insurance against claims for bodily injury or death and property damage occurring in, upon, or resulting from the facility, affording immediate protection to the limits of not less than $1,000,000 per occurrence with a $2,000,000 aggregate and including advertising injury and personal injury.
  • The Midland Downtown Park Conservancy and the City of Midland must be named as additional insured on the policy.
  • The policy must contain an endorsement waiving any claim or right of subrogation against The Midland Downtown Park Conservancy and the City of Midland.
  • The Permittee will have within thirty (30) days to reschedule with the conservancy for a new project date.

Additional Rules

In addition to following all General Park Rules, the following are prohibited:
  • Photography/videography of children aged 14 or younger without parental consent.
  • Photography/videography of the splash pad and playground areas when in use of the public.
  • Photography/videography of park patrons without their consent, this includes all programming activities.
  • Setting up equipment/props in landscaping/garden areas. This includes standing in these areas. Stepping between the plants compacts the soil, turning it into a cement-like substance that repels water and kills roots. This creates a bald spot for the rest of the growing season. Even when the flowerbeds look empty, perennial plant shoots are growing just below the surface of the soil. Stepping on these shoots will kill the plants.
  • Commercial Photography/videography use may not occur during other organizations, business, or individual’s event rentals or programming events.
  • No tree, shrub or plant material may be trimmed, pruned, altered, or removed.
  • Staking is not permitted due to irrigation lines.
  • Structures, sets or other props (other than handheld) are not allowed without written permission from the Executive Director. If permission is granted to install equipment, sets, props, etc., they must be secured by sandbags, water barrels, or some other approved manner. Nothing may be attached or tied down to any structure, park bench, tree, etc. without express written permission.
  • Generation of mineral oil-based smoke, mist or fog is not allowed.
  • The capacity of existing trash barrels and dumpsters is based on the normal public usage of the facility. Because of this, the Permittee is not allowed to use existing dumpsters or barrels and must remove from the site all garbage or refuse generated by their project.
  • Pipe and drape or similar structures.
  • Armature electrical wiring.
  • Farm animals.
  • Generators.
  • Ladders or any step ladders over 3 rungs/stairs.
  • If you do not have a space rental, do not block any sidewalks, always allow enough room for park visitors to pass by.
  • Stay off stone walls and buildings.
  • The changing of clothes must be done in the restrooms. Visitors changing clothes outside within the park premises will be redirected to the restrooms or asked to leave the park.
  • Do not prohibit or obstruct vehicular or public access to park streets and roads.
  • Vehicles will not be given access to Loraine Path.
  • All parking is first come first served, and MAY NOT be reserved on site.

Permissible Equipment and Items:

  • Camera, lenses, flashes, and a tripod.
  • Handheld light reflectors/discs.
  • 1 folding chair may be brought into the park and must have intact rubber bottom feet.
  • Personal size step stool (up to 3 rungs/stairs).
  • Everything is to be enjoyed, used as a background, and left untouched.
  • Production vehicles must be parked in approved parking spaces.


  • Photography - $125 up to two hours, each additional hour is $75.
  • Drone- $125 up to two hours, each additional hour is $75.
  • Videography- $300 up to two hours, each additional hour is $100.
  • A Park Monitor may be required depending on the project and location of photography/filming. The rate for a Park Monitor is $38/hour. The monitor will facilitate the filming while protecting park resources
  • A security deposit to be held until after a post-shoot evaluation of the park. Deposit range is $25.00 to $2,500.00 depending on logistics and scope of the project. The damage deposit will be based on the location, size, and duration of the proposed use.
  • Additional fees for fencing, cleaning crew, and electricity. (You must provide your own cables. For 3-phase, you must provide your own licensed electrician, who is pre-approved by the Midland Downtown Park Conservancy.)
  • We reserve the right to modify the quoted fees for use of locations that impose greater restrictions on the public's enjoyment of the park or greater logistical coordination requirements on our staff.

The location fee may be waived for non-profit organizations with proper documentation, government entities, and those producing programming for broadcast over public access channels in the City of Midland; provided they do not require the area to be expressly reserved for their use and are willing to work around all other park activities. The Midland Downtown Park Conservancy will determine fee waiver requirements in addition to any other permit and insurance needs.

The Permittee must acknowledge that the primary purpose of Centennial Park is to serve the public. If permission is granted to temporarily exclude the public from certain areas for production purposes, you must use the utmost courtesy in doing so.

Booking a Session

Monday through Wednesday is the best period to schedule a session, with the highest availability, and the lowest public traffic. The process to obtain a permit is:
  • Submit an “Application for Photography, Videography and Drone Use” to Centennial Park at info@centennialparkmidland.org
  • If your application is accepted you will be sent a “Photography, Videography, & Drone Use Agreement” to sign.
  • You will also be sent an invoice for your deposit and permittee fees. Both must be paid no less than 14 days from the time of booking.
  • Once the “Photography, Videography, & Drone Use Agreement” is signed and the deposit and fees are paid, the Executive Director will sign the agreement validating the contract. This agreement is not valid until it is signed by both the permittee and the Executive Director of the Midland Downtown Park Conservancy.
Note: Organizations wanting to film a press release at Centennial Park need to fill out a Special Use Permit.

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